Desienna is an award-winning photographer who has documented underground and threatened cultures across the world for the last twenty years. He works regularly for lifestyle and documentary magazines. Thanks to his versatility, he can covers a wide array of assignements and subjects.

He has received various awards and nominations such as The Travel Photographer of the Year, the International Photo Awards, the PX3 Prix de la Photographie, the Pride Photo Award, the Photographers Master Cup and received first prize at Meet My World photocontest by Amantani.

With his latest work, My Dearest Javanese Concubine, soon to be published in a form of a book, he received the First Prize at the Simulacrum Contest judged by Richard Billingham, an Official Selection at VOIES Off, was shortlisted at the Dewi Lewis Photography Publishers Award and received an Honorable Mention at LensCulture Exposure awards.

Luca is a highly skilled, experienced, adaptable and people-oriented photographer, who has the ability to create compelling images in a wide range of situations. Among his job highlights there was the Diesel U Music official ad campaign, for several years he worked regularly for the reputable Sole24Ore group and its publication Intelligence in Lifestyle. He was also commissioned by DieWelt, Textil Wirtschaft, Radio Milan, Vanidad magazine, Italian Cinema London, KULT magazine, Confindustria Veneto, StreetFashion magazine and the fashion designer Salvatore Ferragamo. His work has also been published at Dienacht, Eyemazing, Zoom, a-n Magazine, Private Photo Review, Genis Aci, Noname Magazine, Shots, Vice and Vanity Fair.

Luca has also proved to be a successful landscape photographer, his series Dolomites Plates was selected for the prestigious PhotoVoice auction in London where the print was successfully sold

In addition to PhotoVoice, he exhibited widely throughout Europe, in Arles Photography Salon, Brixton Art Gallery, Mencraft, FOTO8 Summershow, Jaguar Shoes, Padova Art Fair just to mention a few.

Luca Desienna is available for assignments work. Please contact here: Desienna email


Desienna is a known publisher and editor. Having founded Gomma in 2014, he has published renowned, award-winning photography books, MONO Volume One and Two, Keizo Kitajima Modoru Okinawa, and four issues of Gomma Magazine. His words also appeared in Kim Thue's Dead Traffic book. He has interviewed some of the most inspiring photographers, such as Nikolay Baharev, Simon Norfolk, Giacomo Brunelli, Boogie and JH Engstrom.

He collaborates regularly with other publishers and he is annually invited to jury international photo contests, such as the Daylight Photo Awards, Photo Lucida Critical Mass, Crestock Photo Contest, Lugano Photo Festival, DEBUTS, Photobook Melbourne Photo Awards and Gomma Photography Grant.



Desienna has a long experience in shooting lifestyle photography. He worked regularly for the award-winning magazine Intelligence in Lifestyle. His work also appeared in Vanidad, KULT and Vanity Fair, and has received numerous commissioned jobs from international clients. He has also capable to work within more technical-based themes and enviroments.


Desienna has a sound experience in documenting cultures and events around the globe. He frequently visits and works in Indonesia and the South East Asia, Central America and throuhgout the whole of Europe. He's an experienced traveler who understands briefs and is reliable on deadlines. He is extremely skilled in creating dynamic and eye-catching images for a diverse range of social and photographic situations.


Desienna is available for portraiture-based jobs. He is a professional, communicative, people-oriented photographer with years of experience. His portraits have received several awards and have been exhibited widely throughout Europe. He has an extensive knowledge in lighting, post-processing and pre-press.


Desienna is available for portfolio reviews, editorial works and juring photo contests. He is an experienced publisher and editor, in 2004, he established the internationally reputable Gomma ® and Gomma Books Ltd and has an extensive knowledge in the publishing industry. He worked with and published renowned international artists such as Keizo Kitajima, Anders Petersen, Roger Ballen, Lise Sarfati, Michael Ackerman, Jacob Aue Sobol, Trent Parke and Antoine D'Agata.


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Shot at BAFTA by Salvatore Digiacomo
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Shot at Cappadocia, Turkey.